Hi! I’m Emma. Engineer, researcher, writer, coach.

I help post graduate students and professionals to work out what they want to achieve, and map out a plan to get there. Since 2012 I’ve helped novice researchers in health care and academia to plan projects, develop good writing and self-care habits, and get stuff done. Click to learn more about my coaching services.

As a researcher, I’ve got 10+ years experience in assessing and investigating Assistive Technology use, usability, and service delivery. My work has included designing Assistive Technology solutions for people with disability, and working with practitioners to improve decision making and outcomes. In 2016, I’ll finish my PhD at The University of Queensland, investigating the usability of mobile shower commodes for adults with spinal cord injury. Throughout this project I’ve published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences. Check out my CV, or see my profile at ResearchGateGoogle Scholar, or ORCiD.